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New home under construction in Timboon by Roberts Builders

This is Roberts Builders' suggested new home building process, and in line with the whole Roberts builders experience, this is also customised to best suit your project. 

The Roberts Builders Process

Start here to find out about Roberts Builders custom home building process

Before you start your build process, please read the Domestic Building Consumer Guide to understand your rights as a consumer. You can also download a glossary of building definitions to keep for your reference.

Before You Start

Custom home built by Roberts Builders in Port Campbell
2. The second step in the Roberts Builders custom home building process - Meet the builder

Ideally at your place of construction, Mark will meet with you to discuss your concept points as above. From this he will provide his thoughts, suggestions and ideas based on his many years of building experience.

Marks philosophy is to look at every option, idea, and concept so when your build is complete, we know that we have done our very best, and have left no stone unturned, no idea not investigated, or wild dream explored.

Mark stresses if you don’t like his idea or suggestion that’s completely fine and it helps to narrow down the final outcome. It doesn’t offend Mark or his team when you reject their ideas or suggestions. It is your project, your vision and your home that we all collaborate on to get the best results for you.

Meet The Builder

3. The third step in the Roberts Builders custom home building process - Building service professionals

Once the initial concept has been established Mark will suggest one or a couple of draftsperson or architects that suit your project. In the meantime, he can also recommend engineers if required to do soil tests, feature survey, existing conditions and BAL assessments.

Mark then likes to step back but is still available if required for advice but lets you and the selected draftsperson or architect put your dream concept onto paper.

Engaging Building Service Professionals

1. The fifth step in the Roberts Builders custom home building process - Check in with the builder

Once you have your initial concept plan, we like to check over the concept, with the opportunity to provide commentary and suggestions before the plans are finalised.

When you have agreed on the concept your Draftsperson or Architect will do a final set of plans which they can then pass onto engineers to do any required engineering. Once the engineering is completed, the plans are then adjusted to reflect the required engineering. From here, construction documents are created.

Check in with Builder

4. The fourth step in the Roberts Builders custom home building process - Drafing plans

Timeframe: Up to 2-3 months.

Choosing your Draftsperson or Architect needs to be a coherent relationship. You must be comfortable with them and have faith that they understand your concept and ideas and can translate this into reality. It will be the same when selecting a builder. You need to feel that your builder is trustworthy and has a clear vision of your project.

The draftsperson or Architect will do all of the relevant checks of the site and project with local laws, planning requirements and building requirements.  They will then do a concept plan.

Drafting of Plans

6. The sixth step in the Roberts Builders custom home building process - Get a quote from your local builder

Timeframe: 4-6 weeks.

Should you wish to get quotes from multiple builders, this is the time to do it. Once you have your plans, you have the opportunity to shop them around to your selected builders. This means all builders are quoting on the same plans and design where you can get the best comparable figures.

When we receive the plans, we are happy to supply a price with our subcontractors (plumbers, electricians etc.) or use your current providers. Please note that it is most important to keep your existing relationships. For instance, if you are a farmer and call the same electrician at 5am in the morning to get your dairy going to milk your cows, it is only fair that you get them to wire your project. Otherwise they are less likely to answer your breakdown calls.

Roberts Builders provide a full breakdown of your project which includes an item costing for each subcontractor and major inclusions. We also give you scope with prime cost items. Prime cost items are allowances for individual items that you will have the opportunity to choose during the build stage e.g. tiles, shower screens, light fittings, heating and cooling. From our conversations, I will price to your specifications. I never compromise on a lower standard or price to win a job. However, the pricing and item specifications can be adjusted based on your feedback, especially if you are looking for efficiencies or to meet budget constraints.


7. The seventh step in the Roberts Builders custom home building process - Discuss your quote with your builder

After receiving the quote, I will give you a call or meet you to discuss the estimation, the figures and answer any questions you have. This is an important step because it gives us an opportunity to explain what we have quoted for but more importantly, it gives you the opportunity to ask all the questions you no doubt have and to explore alternatives. I encourage you to write down all the questions that come to mind as you go through your quote. This may include questions about what exactly has been allowed for and the different options you have between suppliers, brands, trades and services which may have affected the pricing. Generally, we have found that our quotes are quite comparable, so if you feel the Roberts Builders quote seems excessive, we may have quoted on a superior quality product or service to be included in your build. Please don’t hesitate to ask us about this and we will provide more clarity on individual items and can most certainly provide alternatives.

We don’t compromise on quality. There is always a cheaper option, but sometimes these are cheaper for a reason. In the right situation, this can be fine, however we assess situations based on our building experience and we won’t compromise on items that can affect our warranty. Please ask us for our professional opinion if you have any questions relating to specific brands, services or suppliers and we can advise where it is okay to adjust and where we recommend you don’t based on your desired goals, specific location, site and environmental conditions.

Discussing Your Quote

8. The eighth step in the Roberts Builders custom home building process - Appoint a builder

Timeframe: As long as you need to make an informed decision.

After you have had time to review your quotes and had conversations with the builders you have approached, you will have started to form an opinion on who can best deliver on your dreams and who you be able to form a trusted relationship with to collaborate and deliver your project.

Once you have made your decision, it is now time to inform the successful and unsuccessful builders. The unsuccessful builders may ask for your feedback to assist them with their quoting and estimations. While the successful builder will then detail the next steps of contracting.

Appointment of Builder

9. The nineth step in the Roberts Builders custom home building process - Contracting

Timeframe: Relevant to builder and time to build.

Since the material cost blow outs due to Covid, builders are very nervous to contract up months before scheduling the work, and would normally do 6 weeks out from the commencement of the project so we can confirm material costs. But can supply a draft contract so you have enough time to review and have checked if required.

The contract we use are the standard Master Builders Association of Victoria (MBAV) contract. These are designed to protect both the client and builder equally. These are a very large and wordie document written by lawyers. So, take your time to read and get checked if required and there is provision to write in any special conditions. Just ask to have them included. It is important you are comfortable with the contract so please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have at this point. The contract also outlines the payment schedule along with the deposit, that can only be made as a percentage of the project. It also has details of the land, time frames, prime costs and provisional sums. You will receive a copy of the Victorian building consumer guild too.

Once both parties are comfortable with the draft contract and all changes or inclusions are made, the contract is finalised and printed ready for mutual signing. We scan a copy of the signed contract and retain for our records and you as the client will receive the original document. We will also forward electronic copies to the building surveyor and send off for warranty. Your bank may also ask for a copy.


10. The tenth step in the Roberts Builders custom home building process - deposit and building permit

Once warranty is applied for, we will request the contracted deposit. The warranty will form part of the building permit application and at this stage, all required documents will be submitted.

You have a choice of building surveyor, either a private one of your choice, or the municipal building surveyor. Whichever you choose they generally take 2 to 4 weeks to issue the building permit.

Deposit and Building Permit

12. The twelth step in the Roberts Builders custom home building process - construction

Mark will appoint one or two of his experienced carpenters as the site manager. The site manager/s will be your day to day point of contact however we will all work closely with you, and all on site coordinating subcontractors to manage both yours and Roberts Builders’ expectations. Mark will continue on site as required and along with weekly inspections.


1. The eleventh step in the Roberts Builders custom home building process - scheduling

This would have been part of initial conversations before the appointment of the builder however things can change and this is usually governed by current and existing projects which have been appointed to us prior to your appointment. We are also guided by availability of supplies and South West Victorian weather conditions, which, as you know, can provide much uncertainty. We take the time required to get each building project right and won’t rush or compromise to be able to move on to the next one quicker. This goes for your project too. We do our best to manage current works as well as meet your timelines and expectations. We will give as much notice as possible to your subcontractors. We do this via a construction schedule in the from of a Gantt chart that is regularly updated and shared with you. We also add milestones such as stage payments and required decisions and selections.

Scheduling / Commencement

14. The fourteenth step in the Roberts Builders custom home building process - Defects period

There isn’t a set timeframe! Typically a defects liability clause gives the builder three, six or nine months to fix defects arising out of contracted works (excluding general wear and tear) however at Roberts Builders we stand by our finished product and will rectify any issue within our scope of works, and will coordinate the return of any subcontractor we supplied. The house or project will normally require 12 months to do a full seasoning where some items could require attention, so please notify us of any issue.

Defects Period

13. The thirteenth step in the Roberts Builders custom home building process - Handover

The process starts well before you get the keys, as we invite you to have regular inspections along with us. We don’t lock you out of the project so you have full responsible access and you see the whole process. Near the end of construction, we will conduct a joint defects inspection and give a report and timeline to address. We gather all required certificates and arrange final building inspection from the building surveyor. We finalise the contracted price, then your project is ready to move into and enjoy!


1. The first step in the Roberts Builders custom home building process

Before you even meet with a Builder, Draftsperson or Architect, we recommend investigating or preparing a list of the following:

  • Your ideas/vision

  • The site/land

  • Opportunities and desires

  • The Good the bad and ugly. What’s working and what’s not?

  • What you don’t want


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